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Of senior managers upload business files to personal email or cloud storage.

144.8 Billion

Unique emails sent every day


The number of attachments an average user sends and receives daily.

250 Million

Emails were collected and processed by the NSA in 2013

What is secure email?

Secure email, in general, is an extension of the traditional email standard(s) where standard messages are encrypted to prevent any unauthorized parties from gaining access to the contents of the message. Normally, secure email requires modifications to the servers of both the sender and recipient or an additional set of steps for both the sender and the recipient to allow the message to go through a third party.

Regardless of the method of implementation the goal of secure email is to extend messaging security beyond the borders of a private network and verify that the end user who receives the message is the intended recipient. Secure email provides assurances that communications are private and as a regulated corporation helps ensure compliance with any applicable secure messaging requirements.


Whether you're measuring message processing speeds, available functionality, productivity increase, liability decrease or return on investment

ExchangeXL will come out on top.


Proprietary Encryption
Proprietary Encryption

Using our proprietary EASDTS (ExchangeXL Algorithmic Secure Data Transport System), ExchangeXL is able to offer better than industry standard encryption both during transit, and once the data reaches our servers.
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Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

ExchangeXL secure email software is fully compliant with HIPAA, SOX, FSMA and many other regulations that set security requirements on messaging.
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Easy To Use
Easy To Use

Due to the extensive beta testing conducted by our development team, both of ExchangeXL's products are so easy to use that in some circumstances end users don't even know they are using it.
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No Limits
No Limits

Unlike our other "competitors" we don't limit throughput, cell phone activations, files size or any other aspect of usage.
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ExchangeXL Agility

We watch constantly for new and emerging regulations or customer requests and meet daily to ensure we're on the cutting edge.
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Unlike other cloud based products, you don't have to hunt for our price. It's $4.99 per month per license and gets cheaper the more you buy.
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Active Directory Integration
Active Directory Integration

The ExchangeXL for Exchange product integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory and handles rulesets based on your AD groups.
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Message Revocation and Expiration
Message Revocation and Expiration

Everyone makes mistakes and if that includes you, don't worry. At any time you can revoke messages, change recipients or even set expiration dates.
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Reply With Attachment
Reply With Attachment

As a business, consultant or individual, secure email is purely academic if you can't get information back. Now you can!
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If you're a company that doesn't deal with money, taxes, contracts or human resources or if you an individual that only sends emails about yoga schedules and your daughter's wedding plans then you may not require secure email. But, for the majority of companies and individuals who utilize their email for sensitive information, ExchangeXL can provide a peace of mind that was previously either impossible or prohibitively expensive.

Individual Use

Considering the current reliance on electronic messaging and the proliferation of hackers, any non-encrypted email is effectively plain text waiting on someone to read. However, secure email allows the transmission of taxes to a CPA, communication with a doctor, personal messages to a spouse or a funny political cartoon that might be a little risqué with complete confidence that only the intended recipients can access the message.

Commercial Use

In addition to all the personal reasons to utilize secure email, business users have the added benefit(s) of being able to send proprietary information, deter corporate espionage and ensure delivery of important business documents. Depending on the industry or public trading status, there may also be regulatory requirements requiring the ability to secure all transmissions from your business. These requirements are especially important for medical practices needing to stay compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, financial practices needing to stay compliant with GLBA/FSMA and publicly traded companies needing to stay compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley.


When the ability to communicate with your customers, associates and personal contacts is mission critical, only the best will do.


ExchangeXL for Microsoft Exchange

ExchangeXL for Microsoft Exchange

ExchangeXL for Microsoft Exchange

If your organization utilizes the Microsoft Exchange environment with Active Directory then you'll love the group rules, mailbox auto-enrollment, administrator features, data loss prevention abilities and reduced licensing costs.

This product is licensed based on email address and works from anywhere including webmail and mobile devices!

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ExchangeXL for Microsoft Outlook

ExchangeXL for Microsoft Outlook

ExchangeXL for Microsoft Outlook

If you are an individual consumer, small company or organization that needs the ability to send massive files the ExchangeXL for Outlook product might be for you. It plugs directly in to Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013 and is super easy to use!

This product is licensed per machine with unlimited associated addresses meaning your Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, Corporate and any other addresses are all covered by the same license.

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ExchangeXL for Office 365

ExchangeXL for Office 365

ExchangeXL for Office 365

Now available on Office 365, the ExchangeXL add-in provides the secure email functionality for personal or commercial Office 365 accounts while still retaining the easy admin portal management and ease of use you experience with the rest of the ExchangeXL suite.

This product is licensed based on email address and works on all forms of Office 365 accounts.

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ExchangeXL Mobile App

All ActiveSync and webmail functionality is already available, but soon you'll be able to take advantage of the entire feature set directly from your phone!


EXL for Office 365 - Major Release - 1.0.0

  • Closed Beta and released production
  • Added Office 365 tenant based authentication
  • Added no touch login
  • Added cross browser compliance
  • Finalized Microsoft application certification

EXL For Outlook - Minor Release - 1.2.12

  • Added security level option in add-in
  • Added modified icon support
  • Added second progress bar to show file progress and session progress
  • Fixed "Right Click > Send To" issue where HTML wasn't preserved
  • Fixed alignment bug in certain Outlook versions

EXL for Exchange - Major Release - 2.2.0

  • Added mailbox autoenroll
  • Added multiple SMTP address support
  • Fixed attachment stream size issue
  • Fixed service hang on transport service recovery issue

Website/Admin Portal - Version Release - 2.0.0

  • Added reply with secure attachment functionality
  • Added passive rules to allow notification for admins without interrupting admin
  • Added license sharing and sub account management
  • Added complete site appearance change
  • Fixed incorrect usage calculation on summary page
  • Fixed issue with distributed license list showing incorrect information


Enjoy a full featured version of either product ON US for 14 days with NO payment information required!


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ExchangeXL for Microsoft Exchange

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ExchangeXL for Microsoft Outlook

ExchangeXL for Office 365


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The entire team is dedicated to our culture of honestly and enthusiastically providing our customers with industry leading secure messaging software and support. So, if there's ever anything we can do to make your ExchangeXL experience better...


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